Wedding Engagement Photography — Anne Esteban

Ian + Sam | engagement shoot

I predominately take videos, but on occasion I take stills - on my mobile, of random things. You know, of food, architecture, views - but mainly food - and yes, I'm one of those people. However, when I was asked to take some pre-wedding photos for friends, I jumped on the chance and gave it a go.

Cinematography and photography does have many crossover similarities - exposure, framing, composition, and the use of the same camera tools. However, I’ve always found that motion pictures has so many other elements and layers to consider. And that perfect blend of these elements is why I love films! One of the things that draws me to both motion and still pictures is the framing and composition - so naturally I am drawn to the art of photography.

So here’s just a sneak peak of some photos from the shoot - enjoy!

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